Through the Eyes of a Child…

One of the things I hear a lot when people see some of the things I create is, “I wish I could do that but [I’m not good at…I can’t…I don’t know how…insert reason here]. The only difference between me and them is I said I wish I could and I did. I don’t have any more talent than the next person, I don’t think my art is more amazing than anyone else’s, I’ll never be a Picasso, but when I create I feel better inside. So I keep doing it. I gave myself the freedom from self-judgment and as long as I’m exploring, it doesn’t matter if the final product is worthy of a museum or will be buried in a drawer. Ironically, some of the pieces I didn’t care for much at the time became some of my favorites years later. It’s the process of creating that’s important!

I created this last night, from a pizza box. I love the distressed look I get from peeling away some of the top layers of cardboard. There is nothing that makes me feel like a child more than finger painting. My only real rule is I try to start my piece with my color palette in mind (I have a Pinterest board named Color Love that I use) but when I’m in the mood to explore I break my only rule. It also helps to have an inspiration in mind when I start, a quote or a picture or a person that’s been on my heart.

I used inexpensive Acrylic paints mixed with Gesso (gesso gives it a little bit of grit so it sticks better to the canvas/background), Heidi Swapp Color Shine and Dylusions ink sprays, Tim Holtz distress stains, glue & glitter. (Full disclosure: Links are Amazon affiliate links)

Here is a rough video of my work in progress that I threw together with the Videoshop app. I honestly had no idea what the final product would look like…I just got out of my own way and let my inner child take over. I apologize because the bottom of the screen is cut out…something I’ll pay attention to next time. Also, Dillon and I sound like Mickey and Minnie Mouse 🙂

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” –Pablo Picasso

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