Let’s Do This!

I am so excited for the 100 day project. I’m going to watercolor something everyday…whether it be the view of the Highwoods driving home, the boys playing, or just abstract, my art medium flavor of the month is watercolors, and I am in love.

I put myself in a box for so long, admiring beautiful art work and wishing I could create artwork too. As if artists were some special species, born with a paintbrush in hand and an innate knowledge of how to create. I just blindly accepted the fact that I could never create art like I wanted. What a tragedy.

But aren’t most artists just a person who followed their passion to create, and in the process, over time, got better and better?

So why not? Why can’t I be an artist? Yes, I’m a nurse, but why can’t I be both? Art feeds my soul and it just feels right when I’m creating. If all of my art supplies disappeared, I would still find a way to express myself, even if I had to use charcoal sketches with ashes from a fire. This make me happy, so why am I telling myself I’m no good at it?

Even if I’m not good at watercolors, I’ll keep using them, because they’re fun and the process makes me happy.

The 100 day project starts April 3rd. What stirs your spirit and feeds your soul? Do that everyday, even if it’s only for one minute, and share it if you want to. Or don’t. You might not like the first day’s outcome, but keep doing whatever it is that makes your spirit smile without realizing it.

There’s beauty in imperfection. Don’t compare what you’re doing with anyone else. Admire theirs, but admire yours, too. Comparison is the thief of joy! If you feel good when you’re doing what you’re doing, keep going!

We live in such an amazing time. I have been able to teach myself so many techniques, tips, and tricks just by watching YouTube & Skillshare videos. Instagram is connecting me with others around the world who share my passion for mixed media, watercolors, faith based art. Pinterest helps me branch out and explore new mediums. The sky isn’t the limit…there is no limit! If something speaks to your soul, you can pursue it!

Ordinary people are finding their passion, watching & learning from others and creating beautiful things. And they’re so excited about their passion they want to share what they’ve learned and so they create more videos and how-to’s for the next wave of individuals who realize, “Hey. Maybe I can learn how to do this…”

Life is too short to spend it playing Candy Crush, watching other people’s lives secondhand on reality TV! The 100 Day Project

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