I know I’ve been MIA lately…I’ve been putting together my Skillshare class! Thought I’d pop in and let you know all is well. If you’re squeamish, you might want to stop reading here!

Last night I let my gray cat, Gracie, in as we were getting ready for bed. She darted in like she always does and headed for our bedroom. I crawled into bed and was looking at my phone when I heard Nate yell some not so gentlemanly things. Apparently Gracie had a live mouse in her mouth when she came in and it was loose in our bedroom. It headed straight for our closet. Nate threw some shoes on and started pulling shoes out of the closet to find it. I grabbed our other cat, Duma, with the naive hope she would take care of the problem. She just laid down and watched Nate and I (me very searching very tentatively & praying Nate got to it before I did).

In the midst of our search I tried to be optimistic and asked Nate–at least she brought it in our room so we knew about it, right? And won’t this be something we’ll look back on and laugh? Too soon.

Nate luckily found it first and…took care of it. I have a picture I sent to my brother but out of respect for my mom I won’t post it here.

Lesson learned–make sure the cats don’t have any live objects before letting them inside…

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