My Stencil Art Portfolio

Here is a collection of my art work using stencils from The Crafter’s Workshop (TCW), Tim Holtz, Heidi Swapp, etc.

This was one of my first mixed media experiments. I made this for my brother who was living with us and going through a rough time. We both love Journey and the ‘This End Up” sticker was a joke. The white is modeling paste through stencils. For the canvas, I used the top of a pizza box, sprayed it with water, and ripped away some of the paper to get a grungy look. I used ink sprays for the background color.

I made this one for my other brother who served in the Army Infantry and had just come home from a grueling Iraq deployment. He had survivor’s guilt and my heart hurt for him. He finds strength through his music. I wanted to tell him I was here for him and that I loved him but I didn’t know the right words…

These first few are really emotionally heavy!! I first started art journaling as a way of dealing with my emotions, before I started drinking heavily. My best work back then was the work that I did when I didn’t think and just created what I was feeling inside. I promise I will lighten up after these!

This page I did after trying to have baby number 2 for over a year and then having a miscarriage. This was one of my darker times, and even though I hadn’t gone to church or had a real close relationship to God in over 11 years, I turned to Him then. The tabs read, “Jesus replied, “You don’t understand now what I am doing, but someday you will.”

Looking back now, God had a plan all along. We were in the middle of a stressful time–I was emotionally and mentally worn down from working long hours as an ER nurse and we were in the middle of trying to sell our house and buy a new one–a stressful time since it was our dream home and we had to scrape to come up with 10%. But by His grace we made it and a month after we moved in, I was pregnant with Logan.

This is a playful one–the pink word is glitter glue and reads ‘meraki’ which is supposed to mean to ‘do something with soul, creativity, or love, to put something of yourself into your work’. The white is modeling paste and TCW stencils, and I believe the flowers are too.

This one is an unfinished project. Sometimes I create a background and leave it, only to find it years later and it’s the perfect timing to finish it. This was made with Faber Castell’s Gelatos and Tim Holtz’s stencils and tissue paper.

This is another work in progress. I created the face and hair out of Sennelier oil pastels, various mediums for the background, and the words are tissue paper! The body is one of my favorite stencils by The Crafter’s Workshop…it reads ‘Art is just another way of expressing our innermost thoughts into concrete media. Where form and function come together in beauty, color and shape. We put our feelings and experiences onto paper canvas, surfaces of all kinds. Allowing ourselves to release and surrender to this all encompassing force. This need to register what was today what might be tomorrow. And what was yesterday and the day before that.”

It is the perfect stencil to add texture and I need to buy a new one!!

One of my recent creations for my Skillshare class/video tutorial. I love this page so much because I had no plan really for the right side of the page after I finished the left side. So I put it down, went upstairs and spent time with my family, then went downstairs, prayed, put on worship music, and this just came out. Intro to Mixed Media Art Journaling Skillshare Class

This was my most recent creation. I love how the colors evolved and started to remind me of unicorns. All of my life I’ve strived to be a ‘good’ girl, a ‘nice’ girl, to not make waves and try to make everyone happy and make everyone like me. But that’s not possible, and I’m done wasting my energy worrying about it 🙂 I was really fired up after reading some of A.W. Tozer’s writings when I created this, if you couldn’t tell from my Instagram post below!

I added my sister, Ronda, because this is what I needed to hear when I was a teenager, feeling so self-conscious and awkward.

Why do we try to conform to fit in? We hide away the best parts of ourselves so we don’t stand out and tell ourselves it’s wrong to desire what we truly yearn for. We settle for a so-so life because it’s “safe” and believe that’s how we’re meant to live. I don’t want my generation to be “nice”. I want my generation to be passionate about whatever means something to them!!

“Refuse to be average. Let your heart soar as high as it will.” -A.W. Tozer





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