My Favorite Art Journaling Supplies

Circa 2013. I’m new to Pinterest, and I’m seeing all these amazing pins about art journaling. I pin each one I like until I decide that I’m going to try this. I jump in my Jeep and drive to Michael’s. I wander the aisles, trying to figure out where ‘guess-oh’ would be. I ask the saleslady. “Guess-oh? You mean gesso?” Oh. It’s pronounced jess-oh. She leads the way to the acrylic/watercolor/oil painting aisle. Oy vey there’s a lot to choose from!

Fast forward to today, and art journaling is one of my biggest tools to sort out my thoughts and decompress from adulting. It’s overwhelming to get started, and there are so many different items to choose from. I want to share the art journaling supplies I use the most and the items that if I had to do it over again, I would buy first. IMG_0094I tried to stick to supplies you wouldn’t normally find around the house. I didn’t put an art journal in here because with the gesso, you can make any paper you want your journal…take an old magazine, glue a few pages together, give it a coat of gesso, and you’re ready to go!

1) Clear or white gesso to prep pages

2) Matte medium or mod podge to use as a glue for collaging paper

3) Gel gloss to “seal” your pages and help create layers. By sealing with gel gloss, you don’t have to worry as much about smearing your previous layers. It goes on milky but dries clear. If you want you can create texture by drawing in wet gel gloss and letting it dry.

These first three are sometimes called ‘mediums’ in the art world.

4) Water brushes are great–they’re portable and easy to use. Just fill with water and gently squeeze the reservoir.

5) Heat gun-I’m impatient and like to speed up the drying time by using this tool. You can substitute a hair dryer instead, too.

6) Water soluble wax pastels-I like Caran D’aiche but there are other brands available too. You can use them like a crayon, or use your water brush to pick up some color. You can also mix these with the mediums to get more texture and interesting effects.

7) Faber Castell gelatos are one of my favorites. I love to use these to make backgrounds and I also mix them with mediums to use for getting more textures. Like the wax pastels you can use them like a crayon or use them with the water brush.

8) White gel pen-Sakura gelly roll pens are my favorite. It’s amazing how adding some white hightlihgts makes any page pop–more vibrant and interesting to look at.

9) My favorite pen to write in my art journal with is Micron archival ink pens. They come in different sizes–03, 05, and 08 are the ones I use the most. Archival ink is important because once it is dry, you can work on top of it with other liquid mediums and materials and it shouldn’t smear.

10) Last, are my Winsor Newton watercolors. They sell several different sized sets, from small ones designed to be portable to large sets. They have excellent pigment for a new artist and aren’t super expensive, especially if you take advantage of a sale or use a coupon.

These are just my personal faves. Everyone has their own opinion, but if I had to choose, this are my choices. What would you have on your list? Leave me a comment! 🙂


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