My name is Jenni, and I’m a 30 something wife, mom to two young boys, RN, and self-taught mixed media artist and blogger. I live on 80 acres in Montana with my family, horses, cows, and pets. This is my website where I share my writings, my art, and everything else. Lately I’ve been called to ‘get back to basics’. Composting, kombucha, learning about medicinal plants and growing our own food makes my soul happy. 2018 has been such an eye-opening year…overcoming post-partum depression that left me no longer wanting to be alive in the summer of 2017, to drinking several boxes of Chardonnay wine a week to self-medicate my anxiety, to realizing what life is truly about. I write about it all in my blog, and since I realized I can love myself enough to not worry about what others think, I don’t hold anything back. My heart is to reach out to others who might be hurting, and to share my lessons learned with younger women in a spirit of compassionate love. I love to try new things with mixed media art–acrylics, watercolor, collage, art journaling and flat lay photography–and share my experiences with fellow artists.

Welcome to my world. <3